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What is Herbalpedia?  Herbalpedia is an encyclopedia of not only herbs, but plants with multiple uses: medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, aromatherapy, ritual and industrial.  We update and add to it each year.  2450 profiles of botanicals are in the current edition in Adobe Acrobat format with a linked Table of Contents in both English and Latin and a search function.  This version has color photos of almost every plant.  The CD can be read by any computer with Acrobat Reader (available as a free download at Adobe) and you can print off specific profiles you want in hard copy.  Over 6200 pages of information along with color photos of 98% of the plants!!!  Uses (medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, aromatherapy, ritual and industrial), cultivation, recipes (culinary and medicinal formulas), history and lore, research, anything we can find on a specific plant is included.  


We're excited to be working with Learning Herbs and John Gallagher to make it more available to his students. 
What we're offering here is access to a large number of the profiles and hopefully this will increase your understanding of these plants and excite you to purchase the CD and learn about even more.

Clicking here will take you to the currently available list.
From there each herb is linked to its respective profile.
Profiles are not available to copy and paste but they can be printed off and kept in a binder. 


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