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In 1980,When I first got seriously interested in starting an herb business  in Dayton, Ohio, there was nowhere to turn for help.    There was no internet so you had to really scrounge for sources and addresses.  I finally found Bu$iness of Herbs and at last I was able to find people like me.  :-)

And I was off.  I finally found my passion and I've never looked back.  Granted there were times that I felt that for every step I took forward I went half a step back.  However, I was so mesmerized by the plants and what they offered, I kept plugging along.

Then there was talk of starting an herbal trade association in 1985, I went to that first organizational meeting and volunteered to help.  After the trials of starting, the International Herb Growers and Marketers Association was formed and I was their Executive Director until 1990. 

People and organizations change, so in 1990 I started The Herb Growing and Marketing Network and IHGMA morphed into the International Herb Association.  I still had my goal of helping people that wanted to make their living with herbs.  I found that working without a Board of Directors was both a challenge and a blessing.  There was no one to blame but me for stupid actions.  But there was no one to hold me back when I wanted to try some pretty impressive things.

With changes in the economy and life in general, herb folks are having a really hard time.  The rulings of the FDA became a reality for herbal businesses and many have closed their doors.  While the Internet and Social Media have opened so many new ways to interact, due to the lack of expertise many small businesses think they are only able to give a cursory try at things that could change the way they do business for the better.

We're here to help!  Come give us a try with a Trial Membership for 3 months.  Itís literally only pennies a day. You'll receive everything a regular member gets.  Receive free internet advertizing, an expanded listing in The Herbal Green Pages, List yourself in the Speakers' Bureau, put products on the Herbal Exchange, and take advantage of the weekly marketing tips.  There's more. Check out all the benefits

Remember, take action!  Don't put the emails you receive as a member aside until you have the time.  It will never happen.  If your business is important to you, if you want to enjoy life while increasing your success doing something you're passionate about, take the suggested steps every week. They are the beginning of your path to increased Success.  Soon you'll start to notice a change in your business and life. 

Herbs are being noticed by the public more and more.  There is so much opportunity in this economy.   Are you willing to change the way you do business to increase your success?  Do you want to: Increase your success so you can provide for your loved ones, while creating more freedom to spend time with your family and friends doing the things you love?  Remember, we're not talking about a new business venture, but learning AND UTILIZING new skills with your own company to create the success you deserve.

If youíre interested in being more profitable and achieving the success you deserve, try us now

If youíre interested, but still on the fence, check out our member benefits.

Try us now, utilize the benefits of membership and watch your success increase over the next 3 months.



The Herb Growing & Marketing Network
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PO Box 245, Silver Spring, PA 17575-0245
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