Herbal Green Pages Input Form

The Herbal Green Pages is the largest resource guide for the herb industry. Updated continually, this guide lists over 6000 herb related businesses and what they do.  Listings are alphabetical, by state/province/country and eventually by product category.  It includes listings of herbal associations, educational programs, publishers, periodicals as well as products of interest to herb businesses (bottle and packaging suppliers, etc.)Though it has been available in print form, it is changing and is now available online.  Members will have indepth listings with a thumbnail of their website.  Nonmembers will have a very brief listing (10 words), contact information including their website and email address.   To get listed in the Herbal Green Pages or to update your listing, send your changes to me.  If you would like all the bells and whistles of a member listing, it's only $120 a year, plus you get the Herbalpedia as well.  A true bargain!  (Or $95 in you don't want the Herbalpedia. :-(   )  Or if you're feeling the budget crunch, there's always the non-member listing but against the big format of a member listing, non-members tend to get buried.   www.herbnet.com/shop   Not sure about which listing is for you, check out the difference at The Herbal Green Pages Online: Beacon Botanicals

TAKE PARTICULAR NOTE:  This is a free service, so make it easy for me if you want to be included.  Do NOT use all CAPS in your listing.  It will be deleted.  Check your spelling and be sure to capitalize proper names.  Make sure you list yourself correctly.  Sorry, but if I have to retype a listing, it won't get included.  You are only a member of our network if you been paying HGMN an annual membership fee or an Herbal Green Pages Listing Fee.  I do check the listings against the list.  Putting yourself as a member when you're not will only keep you from getting listed.  Sorry to be so blunt, though I think we're fairly clear, obviously many others do not read it.  Do not send me notes through this medium....they will not be responded to....use email.  This is also not the way to get added to our email list....send me an email saying "Subscribe".

And since this is human, if you send spam, the emails are junked.....:-)

Be sure to send me an email with what category you wish to be listed in.  Click here to see the list.  If there isn't the "perfect" one for you, suggest one.  This is for the free listing.  Members can list themselves in 20 areas.

Because of some pretty persistent spammers, we're asking you to email me your listing. At least for a while.   Put your contact info and add up to 10 words for your description.  If you are a member, you can go into as much detail as you wish.  Just don't write a book.  And we love questions, it helps us make your listing better.