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Herb Growing & Marketing Network
Web Hosting for Herb Businesses

Go to our new hosting website:
Hold my Hand Hosting

Internet Hosting is the place your web pages reside on the Internet. We specialize in sites that deal with herbs, alternative health and gardening but we also work on a variety of other businesses.  We're different than most hosts....we really try to work with you in making your site successful by helping you optimize your site, suggesting marketing techniques, helping you learn Front Page if you want to work on your site yourself and you're not already using specific web design software and being a therapist when you're ready to throw up your hands with the whole thing :-)  We link you to our other hosted sites which gives you a traffic boost and keep the links updated as new businesses come in.  We don't claim to be the cheapest, and frankly, don't want to be.  This isn't bargain basement hosting....it's more of a caretaker job for us.    Web design services are available as well.  If we're hosting you and occasional updates and corrections take less than 15 minutes, there's no charge.  And I can be a real nag if necessary to get you to keep your website

current.  We want you to have sales with your site.  With design work we now, unfortunately, have to ask you to sign a contract, and prepay 1/2 of the anticipated design fee before we start.  Total price of design is based on several things but primarily on how much material the client is able to send us including artwork.  If we have to search for it, we have to charge.  There is a $35 initial linking charge (it takes time to get you initially linked to the other sites).  We offer hosting with a shopping cart for $25 per month and with no cart for $20. (Member prices...non-member prices $5 more per month).  We also offer you two months free hosting each time you refer a new hosting client to us that signs up for our services.  We offer a significant number of features including 


We've been thinking and thinking about how to deal with the growing costs  of being a small green business with the continuing increases in energy costs as well as a need for reasonably priced hosting.  And I think we've come up with it .  We're now going to offer a new class of membership in the Network.....a membership with web hosting built in.  We'll try  it and see if it works without me losing my mind. (always a  possibility).  This offer is for any business that fits in with the  network: herbal, natural products, packaging, gardening supplies, alternative  medicine, etc.  It does not apply to carpenters, online pharmacies, or  non-related companies.   Regular hosting rates apply for them...$25 a  month for hosting with a cart.   We're not trying to be a "mill"  like godaddy....we really want our members/clients to succeed and that means  more support and hand holding.

The membership category is $300 a year.  For that you get all the benefits of membership (like  the Herbal Green Pages, listings on both websites, participation in the  listserve, help with information, and emotional support) which is normally $95 a  year.  You also get website hosting with a full feature shopping cart  (normally $480 a year alone if you paid monthly).  

You can maintain the site/cart yourself or we'll maintain it for our  regular rate...small changes that only take me 15 minutes or less  are STILL free).  You'll get 200 mg of storage....enough for most accounts that don't use the webmail as their main storage facility and  aren't information heavy, stats, 25 email addresses, PHP5, 1  mysql database and more. If  you've joined or renewed in the past 3 months and want to take advantage of this  feature, contact me and we'll arrange for a price break.  And if  you can't afford to pay up front for this special package, our regular  hosting rates are still available.  For all hosting clients we keep you  linked to each other to improve your visibility unless you choose to opt  out.  There is an initial $35 charge to get you up on everyone's site if  you want this option and you're new to our hosting.  We also automatically  submit you to the top 10 search engines as part of the package as well.   Special packages on major manual search engine submission are also available.  If you need more storage than 200 mg it can be arranged for  a higher


The Basic Package (alone or with the membership package):
-www.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com
-no setup fee
-free shopping cart
-free secure directory (SSL encryption)
-200 megabytes of storage
- 50 full pop email accounts plus unlimited aliases
-spam protection with Spam Assassin
-free webmail
-PHP 5, CGI, Perl 5
-sitebuilder software with 400 templates
-free PCI compliance help with questions
-WordPress blog software
-3 MySQL databases
-autoresponders, mailing lists, email forwarding
-full FTP access
--pre-installed scripts including the phpbb discussion board
-live chat software, newsletter (up to 1000 email addresses), guest book, counter, classifieds, auction and form mail
-front page extensions
-webalizer statistics and AW Stats
-custom "file not found" error handling
-MP3 Streaming and real audio and video
-WAP enabled
-on site uninterruptible power
-data backup
-5000 megabytes of transfer allowance per month (most sites use under 500)

If you are interested contact us

For more on the sites we've done...

Marketing Your Site For Success

Savvy Internet marketers know how critical it is that a web site be properly listed on the major search engines and directories. With the tremendous growth of the number of sites joining the Internet, today's well-placed listing may be inadvertently lost or removed tomorrow by an overburdened search engine or directory. Some search engines may actually place recently indexed sites more prominently on search queries than sites that have allowed time to elapse since resubmission.

Keeping your site correctly listed may seem like a constant battle that is hard to win. The Herb Growing & Marketing Network can help. With our HerbSitePromote you get a twelve-month solution to achieving high-quality, up-to-date listings in the Web's major search engines and directories. This comprehensive directory submission and verification service is diligently maintained by our team of professionals. You can rest assured, that even with the ever-changing nature of the Internet, your site will receive the attention required to remain properly listed.

•You get our HerbSitePromote Blitz service where we submit your URL to popular search engines in the most expedient manner possible.

•We submit your site to 100 popular Internet directories and search engines

•Because follow-up is so important, six weeks after we submit your site, we verify that your site is still correctly listed in the top thirty search engines and directories. If your site is missing, we will resubmit your site once more. 

Three months later, we verify that your site is still correctly listed in the top thirty search engines and directories. If your site is not listed, or is listed incorrectly, we resubmit your site.

•Six months after your initial order, we resubmit your site to the top 100 search engines, directories and Internet yellow pages. This ensures that your coverage on the Internet establishes a solid position.

•Nine months after your initial order, we will re-verify that your site is correctly listed in the top 30 search engines and directories. Again, this is important to confirm your presence on the Internet. If your site is not listed, or is listed incorrectly, we will resubmit your site.

You will also be listed in the Herbal Green Pages Online at our web site http://www.herbworld.com  with a hot link to your site and/or email address as well as a listing in Herb Shoppe at our other site http://www.herbnet.com 

Price for this service is $300 for members of The Herb Growing & Marketing Network...$400 for nonmembers.

Maureen Rogers
The Herb Growing & Marketing Network
PO Box 245, Silver Spring, PA 17575-0245
717-393-3295; FAX: 717-393-9261