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Speakers Bureau

Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter is a Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Educator and author with over 10
years of experience studying and using herbal medicine.  Nicole has many years of
training and experience in the field of wellness and has a Masters Degree in Health
Promotion from University of Nevada Las Vegas.   Nicole strives to build an herbal
community through public events and is the founder of the Las Vegas Herb
Co-Operative, a community based educational and buyers club for high quality herbs
and herbal products.  She is passionate about teaching people to take control of their
health and promotes self-sufficiency through health education.  She is the author of
Herbal Medicine Made Simple and publishes the quarterly newsletter Herbal Living
News.  Currently, Nicole is teaching the public about using herbs as medicine through
publicly and privately held workshops, home study classes, writings and newsletters
as well as private consultations.  For more information about Nicole Carter and her
work in the herbal community or to register for classes please visit
www.nicolecarterherbs.com .
My rate is $200 per teaching hour ( for lectures,  workshops and classes) plus traveling expenses. 

Speaker Contact:

Nicole Carter, Med. Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Educator
P.O. Box 230086
Las Vegas, NV  89105
website www.nicolecarterherbs.com



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