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I’m in a great mood this week (no rain for a few days), that I am ending the month in all sorts of new ways.  First, this is a fantastic time to pick up the Herbalpedia for your library.  Through August 6 I’m offering them at $50 ($30 off the list price).  Over 2700 herbs and everything about them: medicinal uses, culinary uses, aromatherapy, cultivation, history, ritual and tons of recipes (culinary AND medicinal). If you printed it off, there’s more than 6500 pages.  Go to and get yours now.  Use HerbalpediaSummer as your promo code.     


We love herb businesses and herbalists.  These are people who really believe that plants offer themselves for food, medicine and just about everything and we only have to learn the plants' secrets.  And often herbalists are so  involved with the plants that they need some help in showing themselves off.  So we help.  We help our members grow herbs, market herbs and herbal products and be an herbalist successfully.  We know you can help your clients.  But we all need help promoting ourselves. 

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What is the Herbalpedia?

We're really excited about the Herbalpedia.  Simply go to the cart to order
and we'll get it out to you right away.  Or join the Herb Growing and Marketing Network and get the Herbalpedia as a part of membership. 


March, 2018

Vol 20- Issue 1

          You can be in the Bu$iness of Herbs for many reasons:  maybe you're a grower and believe herbs are the best way to use your land and make a living; maybe you are a chef and think herbs and spices help introduce delicious cuisines to your clientele; maybe you specialize in medicinal herbs and believe passionately that you can help others maintain or regain good health.   And you can utilize your other skills by teaching, speaking or researching herbs.   Are you doing the things you need to do to increase your potential?
         It's hard.  It's hard to keep it all together.  Staying with your current job while you get your own business off the ground.  Keeping up with your herbal business and being the marketing, accounting and the actual running of your business (because small business folks wear many hats). When I started this association long ago in 1990 (another age altogether) we were all in the same boat. And we had few ways to keep up with all the changes.  I think of those first conferences.  The first one in 1986 was sponsored by Purdue University and they thought maybe 250 people would show up.  Over 600 registered  with a waiting list of 200.  Suddenly the organizers realized that the public was interested. 
           And people have only gotten more enthusiastic. They realize that good health means more than taking pills.  People can support themselves growing good quality plants for resale or as crops.  And there are opportunities as practitioners, teachers, speakers, so many opportunities to spread the word that herbs DO make a difference.  Join us as members (lots of benefits that will help your business), or interested people {ask to be friends on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Google+, or join my network on LinkedIn.  I post the same on all of them so pick the medium you prefer.  You'll find me under Herbworld or Maureen Rogers and you'll find out why so many enjoy and learn from my posts.


Would you like to have your business exposed to over 40,000 visitors a month? . . .FOR FREE.   Want answers to questions about your business?

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Would you like to MAXIMIZE that EXPOSURE and have your BANNER placed on our sites that are part of the most extensively complete herbal sites visited by over 40,000 visitors a month for an annual cost that breaks down to less than $12 a month? One that includes a CD copy of the current Herbalpedia, one of the most extensive herbal resources and often referred to as Mother Nature's Library, an $80 dollar value bringing the annual advertising cost to less than $5 per month. Then join the Herb Growing and Marketing Network

In 1990 I realized that herb businesses and alternative health practitioners needed a place to go to receive information, affordable marketing that places them in front of potential clients, as well as assistance in their business needs and the Herb Growing and Marketing Network was born. Not only does Membership in the Herb Growing and Marketing Network provide the above benefits but includes our monthly online newsletter consisting of recent developments in the herb world, informative articles on business strategies and tips to enhance your business. 

For more information on membership in The Herb Growing and Growing Network, click on the link Join the Herb Growing and Marketing Network  and read further.

If you want to follow me at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and especially LinkedIn (I love LinkedIn). I try to post research and tips you can pass on to your customers.  Your customers will be delighted at what you send to them.  And I'm delighted at you coming onboard.  I want to delight you.




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 ***************We're got The Herbal Green Pages Online up and running.  Stop in and see what types of herbal businesses are out there.  **************

It will always be a work in process but it's useful now.  It's one of the best resource guides available and is a unique way to find herbal products.   We try to list as many herb businesses as possible.  I'm always looking for new people to add.  If you're an herb business, drop us a line and we'll tell you how to get listed.   If you have a suggestion on what you'd like to see, we'd love to hear it.   Use it now, feel free to go ahead.  It's exciting.           

               What kind of businesses are members?  If you check out our featured businesses this month, you'll see a wide variety....growers to manufacturers to retail shops. 
             We're always open to comments and suggestions, so feel free to write.       


             Maureen Rogers

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Interested in being hosted by us?  Or in having us help you promote your herb site?. We love herb folks and have the experience to help your site grow.


Click Here for Details on Web Hosting for natural product businesses

  Who we are.....
The Herb Growing & Marketing Network is a trade association specifically for the herb industry and we've been in existence since 1990.  We are an information service for our members offering material on anything related to being in an herb business (except for those pesky statistics....there are no good ones so don't ask).   But that's just the here for our online secure order form.

Featured Businesses of the Month
In order to highlight some of the unique businesses that are members of our Network, we're focusing each month on 5 unique ones.  Click here to see what sites are hot!!   This month we're updating it but we'll be back in April.  For all our member businesses (and nonmembers too)......check out The Herbal Green Pages Online :-)

Have you used our Herbal Exchange?  You may find just the product you're looking for.    

Herbal Green Pages Online
This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding our resource guide.  Here we list all herb businesses but members have much longer listings, larger type, thumbnails of their websites and more. 

Hosted Sites
HerbWorld is fortunate in hosting several member businesses. They offer a range of herbal products, services and publications. Want to be hosted?  Click here for details and benefits.

Herb Speakers' Bureau
Are you looking for a speaker on any aspect of herbs?  Or are you a speaker looking to promote yourself.  Here's your opportunity to be seen.  Network members get a free basic listing and full page listings with pictures are available for a small annual listing fee. 

Botanical Dictionary
This dictionary contains hundreds of plants with their scientific name, common names and as many different language variations as possible.  We're always looking for more so don't hesitate to make suggestions. (Slowly being added too)

Want to start an herb business?
We have a starter package of material to get you on the right track (or scare you away depending on your optimist level)  Proceedings from the Beginners' Day program at our last four conferences along with other helpful information. Available in Adobe Acrobat for $10 (get Acrobat Reader for free at Adobe and it can't be a hotmail account) or hard copy for $20.  I personally recommend the hard copy as easier to use.  It won't get buried on your computer.

The Weather Page
The weather page allows you to check national and local weather forecasts.


Herb Trade
This is an area we're working on that will be a shopping area for both wholesale and retail products.  If you'd like to display your products here drop us a line.  Prices are reasonable

Comments & Suggestions Click here to give us feedback on the site.....suggestions that would be helpful to you, problems with navigation, things like that. Please don't ask health related questions here....they should go to Ask the Herbalist


Herbal Exchange
Herbal classifieds covering everything you could want...plants and seeds, dried material, businesses for sale, help wanted, body care products, new name it, we've got it.  These classifieds are free to members of the network and a nominal cost to nonmembers.

Care to chat?
We have a continual discussion group going on herbal items.....mostly medicinal right now but if enough people are interested we'll establish them for separate, gardening, etc..


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